WepCon Panel Topics

Current As Of: 7 Feb 20



  • Munitions “Reach” Enhancing Mission Space
  • Needs/Vision for Next Generation Ranged Air-to-Ground Weapons
  • Needs/Vision for Next Generation Ranged Air-to-Air Weapons
  • Future of Hypersonics for the Air Force

Affordable Mass:

  • Future of Mass Delivery Concepts:
    • Palletized Delivery
    • Weapons “truck” Delivery

Autonomous Collaboration:

  • Desired Effects of Collaborative Weapons
  • Artificial Intelligence/Autonomy Integration

Sensing and Comms Nodes:

  • Future Datalink/Comms Requirements
  • Weapon Evolution to Enhance Mission Effectiveness
  • Multi-domain Command and Control (MDC2) Efforts for Targeting and Sensing

Non-Kinetic Effects:

  • Air-Based Directed Energy Weapons (LASER/MWR)
  • Electronic Warfare Capabilities
  • Cyber-Attack Capabilities